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Home Technology
Become a conductor

Our BRUNNER home technology is practical, easy to use and full of benefits for the user. See what the abbreviations EAS, EOS and USA means and how you will enjoy using these "little helpers".

Secure guarantee extension now

Register your BRUNNER product within the first three months and you will receive a further warranty extension in addition to the usual BRUNNER warranties.

Fireplace inserts BKH green
The best thing that can happen to a fireplace
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Now heat even greener

Revolutionary: the new "green-line" fire place series

Think about the future - act sustainably - heat in an environment-friendly way. From now on, this will be much easier, because BRUNNER has the perfect solution for a climate-friendly future: BRUNNER "green-line" is the generation of excellent, climate-friendly fireplaces that you have been looking for in vain on the market until now. 

Our brand new BKH "green" fireplace inserts convince with the latest technology. The central element is the new, energy-efficient and industry-wide unique grate-less combustion. All this is combined with the usual straight-lined and visually high-quality design as well as an optional catalytic converter that can be retrofitted. This means: a perfect flame pattern and lowest emissions at the same time.

"Actually, we have reinvented everything - except the fire. That was already available in the past."
Fewer emissions
All our fireplaces are already well below the required thresholds. But that is not enough for us. We are thinking about the future and want to be even nicer to the environment. To achieve this, the technical aspect has been entirely turned upside down.
Fire experience
Our designers and technicians have put a lot of thought into making sure that you can enjoy the maximum fire experience. The ceramic glass also had to be reworked. It now offers an even clearer, cleaner view of the flames.
In addition to sustainability through clean burning, our developers also had user-friendliness in mind. Like all our products, the new fireplace series is child's play to operate and easy to clean.

Green into the future

We start a new chapter

We have made sure that we combine environmental sustainability and user experience in the best possible way. The result is a system that is real fun to use: with this revolutionary heating fireplace, heating is extremely environment-friendly. Every BRUNNER fireplace of the new generation is already "green", which means: the current thresholds are largely undercut and significantly less wood is used due to the increased efficiency.

How green can it be?

“green" is the new standard for BRUNNER fireplaces. With the right fuel and the right operation, you can achieve verifiable emissions at any time. We don not need "laboratory operation" - with us, anyone can go green at home if they want to. 

But you can do even more

With the BRUNNER combustion control and catalytic converter, you can take your fireplace to the next level - we call this green-plus. This gives our customers the necessary security to be able to react if thresholds should become even stricter.

The following formats are currently available

BRUNNER steel fireplace inserts are available in many different glass formats with revolving door or sliding viewing glass as well as variable reheating surfaces - for the perfect atmospheric fire with heat effect as desired. We start with the most popular format as flat, corner and tunnel versions. Other design versions in different formats will follow soon.

Fireplace flat BKH
Fireplace flat BKH
Fireplace flat BKH
Fireplace tunnel BKH
Fireplace tunnel BKH
Fireplace tunnel BKH
Corner fireplace BKH
Tested and refined
Refined technology, patented and therefore unique - simply proven quality by BRUNNER.
Firebox cladding
There is a choice of light-coloured fireclay with grooved optics or black cast iron plates in a fin-type look, which give the fire even more contrast.
Particularly eco-friendly
Current thresholds are largely undercut and can be improved with the "green+" level.
Surface catalyst
The flue gas catalytic converter is inserted afterwards via the combustion chamber and saves up to 80 % of CO emissions and over 50 % of hydrocarbons.
Combustion air control
BRUNNER controls regulate the combustion air supply, detect typical errors during heating and signal the right time to add fuel.
Grateless combustion
New combustion chamber geometry with clever combustion air flow to keep windows clean during a longer period.

Innovative combustion chamber geometry

That's why the glass stays clean longer

BRUNNER heating fireplaces are designed to be extremely airtight. This allows the incoming combustion air to form a stable "air barrier" in front of the viewing glass, which reduces the accumulation of soot and dust particles. Flat glass formats stay clean the longest. Two- or three-sided glass constructions (corner, panorama fireplaces) with turbulent flow patterns in the corner areas, are cleaned more frequently.


Other important influencing factors

In addition to the technology, negative pressure in the chimney, wood moisture as well as wood quantity and exemplary manual operation naturally also play a role - provided that no electronic combustion air control has been installed.

Cast dome with heating gas connection
Heat protection plate
Thermal element stove control
Heating gas conduction in secondary combustion chamber
Cast inlay with combustion air openings
Adapter for connection combustion air pipe sideward
Air flap servomotor stove control
Adjustable foot
Adaptable firetable from 35 to 45 cm
Combustion air slide
Combustion air slide combustion chamber trough
Control element for combustion air supply
Door profile with integrated sealing cord protection
Glass ceramic with/without IR coating
Air distributor for the cumbustion air over the viewing panel
Cleaning door Klick-Klack
Sliding door mechanism easy-lift
Module adapter rings cast
Can you make good fireplaces even better? You can.

The focus is on maximum heat gain

Actually, we have reinvented everything - except fire. That already existed before. That's why we took a closer look at combustion air technology and developed something revolutionary. The grateless combustion system is a central component of a new, ingenious airflow system. Our aim was to take green heating with renewable raw materials to the next level.


Keeping an eye on the strict limit values

When buying a BKH fireplace, our customers receive maximum security with regard to the rapidly changing thresholds. Should the already strict regulations become even stricter, we can react quickly to make the fireplace even more environment-friendly. 


The catalyst

This is an element with a coated sponge structure. A study by the German Biomass Research Centre has shown: With the help of this technology, BRUNNER fireplaces can reduce CO emissions by up to 80% and hydrocarbons by over 50%.


The electronic combustion control

Our proven EAS is the perfect combination of comfort and eco-friendliness. With it, you only have to light the fire - the control does the rest. Even the right time to add fuel is notified accordingly. Perfect heating.


Conclusion: less wood consumption = less emissions

The BRUNNER promise

"Mankind is facing one of its greatest challenges - climate change. This means that many things will have to change. In heating, too, of course. We have taken up the challenge and realised: We will not get anywhere with improvements alone. We have to rethink our fireplaces. The result is the BRUNNER green-line. Fireplaces that have never existed before. So efficient, sustainable and climate-friendly that the new technology has already been patented.

Our new "green-line" combines a whole range of unbeatable advantages: It incorporates more than 40 years of engineering art made in Germany. So you get a top product in terms of sustainability. And of course you also obtain what you have earned: A great fire and a wonderfully cosy warmth for your living space.”


Hubertus Brunner, Managing Director of the family business
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