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Future prospects for stove fitters

Future perspective for stove fitters - does it exist or is it a profession threatened with extinction? A study by Prognos, one of the oldest consulting firms for commerce in Europe, examined the future of the craft in 2013. The result was astonishing.

38,000 new jobs through "green jobs" was the headline of the German Crafts Gazette. This statement was based on a study commissioned by the German Chambers of Crafts and the Central Association of German Crafts. A high volume of orders is expected as a result of the measures to increase energy efficiency.

In 30 different trades, skilled crafts are involved for the implementation of the energy turnaround. There is a particular demand for skilled workers with "green skills", e.g. for the maintenance and installation of new systems. Around 80 % of the companies in the skilled crafts sector see this as their core area of work. This also applies to stove fitters.

"Green Job" stove fitter - towards a green future with fireplace and stove construction

What does the profession of stove fitter have to do with a "green job"? Why ask this question, especially in times of permanent discussions about fine dust caused by stoves and fireplaces. Yet there have long been environment-friendly heating systems that not only heat continuously throughout the year, but also provide warm water - in combination with regenerative energies. The traditional profession of a furnace builder, who "only" builds stoves, has is not so relevant.

The profession has developed in recent years and not only craftsmanship and creativity, but also a special understanding of technology and regenerative energies is required - a demanding profession that will continue to be in demand in the future. The opportunities for development are also excellent in the profession. If you want to be independent, you can become self-employed. But there are also plenty of challenges for the stove fitter as a plant manager in a fireplace construction company.

Future prospects for stove fitters - greater demand then ever

The job opportunities for a stove fitter are still very good. Nationwide, there is a desperate need for skilled stove and air heating fitters. The situation is similar in the case of apprenticeships. Many stove-building companies are looking for apprentices but cannot find any. The reason for the shortfall is the low awareness of the profession. Many apprentices do not know the profession at all.

With a salary of between 2,200 and 3,000 euros gross per month, a stove fitter does not earn lavishly, but still moderately. If you train and become a master craftsman, you can become a self-employed stove fitter and determine your own income and working hours.

An additional reward is the fun, the variety of materials and tasks as well as a certain degree of freedom with the orders. With many customers, stove fitters can bring in and implement their own ideas. And when the customer comes with his own ideas, there are no limits to the imagination. All is possible, as long as fire safety regulations are met.

The variety of materials makes the profession of stove fitter so attractive. Natural stone or sandstone, ceramics or steel are materials that are most commonly used. There may well be one or two special orders that require a lot of expertise, skill and creativity - a profession for doers and experts.

Plenty of jobs will be available in the future. The comfort and warmth of fire is still popular and will still be present in living spaces. In 10 or 20 years, when many office professions have fallen victim to digitalisation, there will still be the stove-setter. Because one thing is clear: experience, creativity and craftsmanship cannot be replaced by a machine in the future.

Specialist tip

Training as a stove and air heating fitter is a solid mainstay. On this basis, you can then develop in different directions. You can live out the creative and technical sides of this versatile profession in a stove construction company or as an independent professional.



Klaus Leihkamm, Head of craftsmen consultation & customer service


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