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Boilers & Heat Pumps

If you wish to switch to a lower-emission heating system, there are several options for generating heat with renewable energy for the benefit of the environment: pellet, log or heat pump heating.

Home Technology
Become a conductor

Our BRUNNER home technology is practical, easy to use and full of benefits for the user. See what the abbreviations EAS, EOS and USA means and how you will enjoy using these "little helpers".

Secure guarantee extension now

Register your BRUNNER product within the first three months and you will receive a further warranty extension in addition to the usual BRUNNER warranties.

Boiler and heat pumps
Heat from renewable energies for the whole house in proven BRUNNER quality
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Heating technology

Boiler and heat pumps

BRUNNER heating systems are something special. With a lot of knowledge and skill, we build high quality and functional installations that are unique in their kind. Our aim is to build an intelligent and operable heating system that also offers maximum efficiency. Heating the Bavarian way.

With the first water-bearing wood fireplaces, BRUNNER developed heating solutions for buildings in the mid-90s that combine regenerative and fossil heat generators. Customised system solutions and controls turn them into intelligent heating concepts. Now there is a heat pump by Brunner for single-family homes, with components that are selected and designed for highly efficient operation and durability. And especially long-lasting if we "marry" the pump to a water-bearing wood stove. A unique system by BRUNNER: from development to production, our products are completely "Made in Germany" - and we are proud of this.

Since 1946, everything in our family business has to do with wood heating. In the 90s, we added boilers and heating solutions for buildings that combine regenerative and fossil heat generators. Customised system solutions and controls convert these into intelligent heating concepts.
Made in Germany
We attach great importance to regionality. From development and software to manufacturing, all our products are made in Germany. We are very proud of this.
Tried and Tested
Our boilers first have to prove themselves. This begins on our own test bench and ends in field tests at selected customers.
Functional promise
A boiler must be permanently reliable. A maintenance agreement can play a decisive role here. Professionally carried out by the BRUNNER customer service. For a durable and long service life.
Price versus performance
The purchase price is only part of the equation. It should reflect the value of a product. The actual price of a purchase can only be determined by evaluating durability, operating costs and savings over the functionality.
Intuitive operation
As much as necessary, as simple as possible - graphically implemented on an exclusive touch display. Information and setting options for the boiler and heating system are easy to understand and operate. And all that without any technical jargon.
Heat pump
Now heat even greener
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Pellet heaters
This is how you heat today
Learn more
Log heating system
The most original way to heat with wood
Learn more
Heating with pellets

Pellet heating

The most comfortable way for wood heating: the Brunner pellet boiler with the logs does the work for and makes you independent of the increasing prices for oil, gas and electricity. Brunner pellet boilers are characterised by their whisper-quiet operation, minimum power requirement and lowest standby losses. The best engineering technology for your home.

Heating with air

The heat pump

A good heat pump should be durable, have excellent efficiency and be very quiet in operation. Better even when attaching this technology to a water-bearing wood stove. Learn more about a unique system that makes sense and is a pleasure to use.

Heating with split logs

Split log heating

The most original way to heat with wood: Log boilers by Brunner are high quality, durable wood gasifiers fully developed and built in Germany. All main components are made of solid cast iron and come from our own production. Let us convince you of the most advanced wood gasifier.

customer testimonials

That's what our customers say about BRUNNER

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The HKD 5.1 of BRUNNER is a product of top class
Michael Schmidkonz: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, We have bought a Brunner HKD 5.1 tiled stove. It is a top class product. Whether for ignition, continuing to heat or keeping embers burning - simply outstanding! With kind regards from Tirschenreuth Michael Schmidkonz
Michael Schmidkonz
Corner fireplace of BRUNNER is the eye-catcher in the living room
Dr. Buch, Tutzing: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, With the installation of the corner fireplace Architektur-Eck 38/86/36 from Brunner, our newly created living room has become a real eye-catcher. Without being obtrusive, it is a compelling fireplace installed in steel. The convincing quality-oriented technology and the perfectly...
Dr. Buch
This year, in the summer of 2022, a new Brunner WF 33 insert was installed in my current tiled stove (36 years old) by the specialist company Schömig from Höchberg/Würzburg. Batch no. C011.002-05.000.787010. With the start of the heating season, our new WF 33 burns almost every day and we are every time more and more enthusiasti...
Körner Otmar
Dipl.-Ing. Oberstudiendirektor
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am currently planning the installation of my second Brunner tiled stove with the expert advice of the master stove builder Josef Müller, Runding. For expert advice on the installation of the Brunner B4 in the existing heating system, I sought professional help from Brunner: Friendly reception, sound profe...
Mohr Heribert
Competent service technicians can no longer be taken for granted today
Jochen Gräve, Niederwerth: Good morning, Yesterday, between 4:00 and 5:30 p.m., your service technician Mr. Kieswimmer changed the brackets on my masonry heater door and checked and readjusted various settings on the EOS. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Ulrich Brunner GmbH and especially to Mr. Kieswimmer for thi...
Jochen Gräve
Better some euros more for the brand quality of BRUNNER
Ralf Lenz: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, The chimney sweep just came. He wouldn’t believe that we had left our stove burning all winter. It turns out that it's better to spend a few euros more on brand quality such as a Brunner stove than to buy cheap junk. It pays off in the long run - and the environment is happy too :-) Cordia...
Ralf Lenz
A successful investment
Dear Sir or Madam After careful consideration, we decided to build an HK7 heating fireplace from Brunner and are happy with the decision. We would like to thank the stove building company Torsten Dix from 03205 Bronkow very much for the good advice and accurate execution on schedule. The fireplace is visually a modern jewel and ...
Schikorra Andreas
We heat the first winter with a stove installed by stove builder Stefan Hock from Bessenbach. Not only does the stove look great and fit perfectly into the picture, it also makes you really warm, and with far less wood than we needed before.
Krause Birgit
Our tiled stove was put into operation 37 years ago. Our chimney sweep is very enthusiastic. He has also already taken measurements with my consent. Top values  
Kehl Herbert
After we got a new gas condensing boiler in 2017, Kachelofen Schulz from Rastatt-Rauental built a water-bearing heating fireplace for us at the same time. We are still totally enthusiastic about this combination, Mr. Schulz also showed us wonderfully how to fire optimally and burn wood effectively. Now we have obtained another B...
Weschenfelder Hanne u. Wolfgang
Heating centre
Hydraulic box with system storage
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Water-bearing stoves
A stove as a hot water generator
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For a flawless functioning of your heating
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