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Boilers & Heat Pumps

If you wish to switch to a lower-emission heating system, there are several options for generating heat with renewable energy for the benefit of the environment: pellet, log or heat pump heating.

Home Technology
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Our BRUNNER home technology is practical, easy to use and full of benefits for the user. See what the abbreviations EAS, EOS and USA means and how you will enjoy using these "little helpers".

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The BRUNNER solution
An unbeatable duo: Wood fire and heat pump
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Combining heat pump and stove

Cleverly combined into the future with heat pump stove heating

Heat pumps are installed more and more frequently in new buildings. Only flaw: At low temperatures, their efficiency decreases. BRUNNER, the premium manufacturer from Lower Bavaria, is now launching a new unit on the market, the BWP 4/14 green, which uses an environmentally friendly coolant and delivers more output at lower cost. In combination with a water-bearing wood fireplace, this is a unique solution.

An air-heat pump extracts thermal energy from the outside air, converts it into heating energy and feeds it into the building heating system. This is CO2 neutral and environmentally friendly. The efficiency is highest at outdoor temperatures between two and 15 degrees Celsius. If it is colder, the efficiency decreases. So if it gets really cold in winter, a heat pump alone is not useful, as it can become an electricity guzzler. To prevent the building from cooling down, an electric heating element switches on to provide the missing thermal energy for water and heating - and this requires a lot of electricity, which is expensive.

Connect your heat pump heating to a water-bearing stove or fireplace and enjoy a wood fire atmosphere at the same time as hot water is produced for heating.
Sustainable heating through renewable energies that save electricity costs, are environmentally friendly and provide a cosy fire atmosphere for your own four walls.
A heating concept with two heat generators that work hand in hand and reliably supply heat for the home at all times. You can rely on that.

The unique system solution

Heat pump combined with water-bearing stove

To prevent a heat pump from consuming huge amounts of electricity when outside temperatures are frosty, it is a good idea to combine it with a water-bearing wood fireplace to reduce load peaks. A hitherto unique solution: Through an intelligent, electronically controlled system, the heat pump provides information about decreasing efficiency due to low temperatures. A display control in the living room then gives instructions to heat up the water-bearing stove or fireplace. In this way, the fireplace heats the water for the heating system, feeds it into a buffer tank and ensures a constant heating level even on frosty days. The heat pump is relieved because the entire heating solution matches perfectly in terms of hydraulics and control technology. This clever combination prolongs the life of the heat pump while it provides the special atmosphere of a wood fire.

The product range

Heat pump + water-bearing stove/fireplace + control

BRUNNER system fireplaces and system stoves in various pane formats are available for the inexpensive and quick solution. The great thing about it: even a heating engineer can set up and connect these water-bearing system appliances. However, if you are aiming for a unique fireplace casing, it is advisable to call in a stove builder. He can create a custom casing for water-bearing fireplaces and stoves entirely according to your wishes.

Heat pump
BWP 9 green
System fireplace corner waterbearing
BSK 02 with boiler top
System fireplace corner waterbearing
BSK 12 with boiler top
System fireplace flat waterbearing
BSK 06 with boiler top
System fireplace flat waterbearing
BSK 08 with boiler top
System stove flat waterbearing
BSO 04
System stove flat waterbearing
BSO 05
System fireplace tunnel waterbearing
BSK 06 with boiler top
System stove tunnel waterbearing
BSO 05
Electronic stove control

A heating concept with a future

The real advantages of a heat pump come into play when all heat generators and consumers in a building function as a common heating solution and are integrated into a heating concept. At BRUNNER, this is called "heat pump heating PLUS". This concept is based on a larger, central system storage, which is designed as a stratified storage. Here, the yields from the heat pump, the wood fireplace system with integrated water heat or other heat generators are collected, stored and passed on to the heating system as required. The system storage and hydraulic box are specially adapted to the requirements of the BRUNNER heat pump. The heat generators and heat consumers are simply connected. Heat consumers can include six heating circuits, for example wall heating, radiators, underfloor heating. All hydraulic components in this system are already pre-assembled and matched to each other in terms of control technology, just like the eco-hierarchical functioning of regenerative heat transfer carriers.

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