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Home Technology
Become a conductor

Our BRUNNER home technology is practical, easy to use and full of benefits for the user. See what the abbreviations EAS, EOS and USA means and how you will enjoy using these "little helpers".

Secure guarantee extension now

Register your BRUNNER product within the first three months and you will receive a further warranty extension in addition to the usual BRUNNER warranties.

The extended "Family group”

BRUNNER employees

With fun, respect and understanding to new ideas

The employees at BRUNNER are more than just "fellow workers". They go about their tasks and activities with heart and mind, responsibility and respect, fun and creativity. All BRUNNER employees, whether they are designers or warehouse staff, are given the freedom to find their way into their work areas, to settle in and to develop. Everyone in their own way is given space and time to discover their talents and abilities, to work intelligently and to enjoy their tasks and responsibilities. This people-friendly company structure is reflected in our customers and trade partners. It is not for nothing that we like to speak of the "BRUNNER family". 

A little human interaction in the professional world has never hurt a company. That's why friendships often develop beyond the collegial community.
Staff party
We especially enjoy culinary delights, fun and socialising for the whole family at the camp festival. 
SERVICE is a top priority for us
Our "flying" team is always on hand when a little service is needed to get everything running again..
Culinary miscellaneous
Hardly anyone cooks better than our kitchen fairies - a highlight of every training course. And you have to admit: we are passionate carnivores.
Our own products
In our kitchen, we process everything with love and you can taste it. Here we are making jam from our own strawberries.
Organic pork
When the senior boss just can't hide his love for pigs.... Passion also finds favour in this form.
Carnival fun
Carnival Monday has always been a state of emergency for us. Panda bears, sushi rolls and geishas were united here under the motto "Asia".
Excellent (award-winning) cuisine
Our Marija definitely deserves an award for her cooking talent. It always tastes fantastic - and the best thing: you get to make up for it in abundance.
Company events
We're a big deal, even in football. At least we feel like winners here - winners of hearts in any case: groupies and players united.
Congratulations are part of it
Milestone birthdays need to be celebrated properly. A toast with the dear colleagues is not to be missed. 

Our colleagues are indispensable for business success

...and the boss knows this

The employees are the most important capital of a company, an indispensable component of business success. An individual is never of any use, he is too weak, he has strengths and weaknesses that do not qualify him equally for every challenge. But those who overestimate themselves and believe they can get by without the expertise and competence of others become snooty and quickly lose sight of what is essential.

Become a part of BRUNNER

Smart minds and likeable colleagues are always needed, especially those who contribute to a positive working atmosphere with heart and mind. Could this be about you? Well then, what are you waiting for? ;-)

What employees say

What our colleagues say about BRUNNER

A real Bavarian says what he thinks. That's why everyone is allowed to express their opinion honestly - regardless of nationality. Here you can find out what our colleagues think about BRUNNER, whether they enjoy their work here, what they think of our products and how things work at BRUNNER.

We are a really strong team here and this is felt not least by our customers, many of whom have become friends. Our products and the work that is involved are simply fun and enjoyable - and most importantly, they are meaningful products, not unnecessary consumer goods. I like being here because everyone is given the opportunity ...
Schütz Martin
I can rightly be counted among the veterans here at BRUNNER. I have been with the company for many years, appreciate the family atmosphere and am fully committed to my job in payroll & financial accounting. We are a small but fine team of ladies, we get along well and it's a pleasure to come to the office every day. BRUNNER ...
Siedersbeck Heidi
As a quality manager, I am involved in countless processes, get to see a lot and become aware of why our products are so popular and successful. Being part of this big picture makes me particularly proud, because I stand fully behind our hot devices made in Germany. As an old hobbyist and craftsman, I always set up creative fire...
Haunreiter Christian "Hauni"
I started working here at BRUNNER in 2014 as a sales representative in the field of heating technology, and I've simply been happy to be here ever since. I appreciate the unique working environment, which includes modern buildings and attractive workplaces as well as cosy places like our beer garden and the guild island. Our bos...
Freilinger Christian
As a child, I grew up with a tiled stove and even today it is still an indispensable "fixture" in our house. I can therefore very much feel at home with BRUNNER and I think that we have very sensible products in our range that many customers can enjoy just as much as I do. We also have a very nice and competent team here that wo...
Dirnaichner Sonja
... or how an American truck came to BRUNNER. Yes, that was something special. The dream of driving a truck was born many years ago. I was already looking after the BRUNNER vehicles back then. I have always seen to it that the vehicles are in perfect condition and have a personal touch so that our customers can see that this is...
Eggersdorfer Gerhard ,,Mäc''
I have to say, even though some of our customers confuse the end-customer consulting department with pastoral care, I really appreciate the customer contact - especially when a tricky case of a seemingly dissatisfied customer can be solved satisfactorily after all. And we almost always manage that in our girls' team. With female...
Hirschberger Heike
Why is fire warming? As a graduate physicist, this is a simple question for me. But things become more complex when it comes to the goal of making heat available to the end user in a clever, material-saving and easy-to-use way. Even in the design phase, we can simulate influencing variables in advance, discuss them afterwards an...
Leihkamm Klaus
The same applies on the supplier side: Good quality and a reasonable price are the order of the day. The free approach is to build a good partnership that lasts for years, in which you work together to find the best solutions. Our manufacturing companies provide us with their specific know-how at a very early stage. It helps th...
Stirner Renate
As a head of the warehouse, I am responsible for the proper storage and logistics of the products at BRUNNER. My tasks are goods receipt and goods dispatch. I plan the capacity, assign the employees to their tasks in the morning and ensure that all warehouse activities and processes run well in my domain. In the BRUNNER family b...
König Manfred
Brunner has become a second family to me. For almost 22 years now, I have been working in the furnace technology division for the company in Central Germany. Before that, I was already familiar with the Brunner company because of my work in wholesale. To my predecessor I once said: "If one day a job opens up at your company, I w...
Michel Guido
I have been part of the "Brunner family" for more than 30 years. First active in sales and now more than 15 years in end-user consultant. I work with a great team spirit and helpfulness are not just words. In our department, it is not only the technical side that matters; often my colleagues and I are also the "pastoral care" fo...
Waldleitner Katja
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