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Home Technology
Become a conductor

Our BRUNNER home technology is practical, easy to use and full of benefits for the user. See what the abbreviations EAS, EOS and USA means and how you will enjoy using these "little helpers".

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Avoid heating errors

Automated heating correction with the combustion control

Fireplaces and Tiled stoves spread pleasant warmth and a cosy atmosphere - provided they are operated correctly. It is largely up to the user whether his fireplace burns cleanly or gives away heat. The safest solution: an electronic combustion control.

Possibilities for There are many causes of heating errors, but a wood fire stove system can only be as good as the fuel and how it is operated. Many wood fire heaters are not even aware of how great their influence is on the emission of pollutants and the heating result.

The most common heating errors

Lighting without small pieces of wood: Depending on the device, lighting from above or below is possible, but in both cases small pieces of wood should be used instead of newspaper. Or the BRUNNER Fidibus, a softwood stick soaked in wax, 25 centimetres long and a pure natural product.

Wrong air damper setting: When first lighting up, all the supply air openings of the wood fire stove should still be open. If the main combustion is coming to an end (after about 30 to 40 minutes), the air supply is reduced and closed completely in the ember phase.

Loading too late: If you add wood to an ember that is just about ready to ignite, you risk a smouldering fire that lasts for minutes.

Inappropriate fuel: The wood must not be too large and also not too damp, i.e. less than 20 per cent, in the best case 15 per cent residual moisture. This value can be easily checked with a wood moisture meter from the hardware store. Moist wood extracts valuable heat from the burning process.

Overloading the combustion chamber: Overly large quantities of wood are added to the combustion chamber so that the fire continues to burn in its absence and embers are maintained for as long as possible.

Incorrect heating and its consequences 

Heating errors increase emissions many times over and reduce efficiency at the same time. If the combustion is incomplete due to incorrect air supply, the glass gets sooty, wood residues remain and low glowing times and an unpleasant odour in the open air are the result.

Ease of use and safety: the electronic combustion control system

With a combustion air control such as the Electronic Combustion Control (EAS) by BRUNNER, these mistakes can be largely avoided. Simply insert the wood and light it, the control takes care of everything else. The heat release runs completely automatically. Because the servomotor of the EAS never forgets to readjust or close the combustion air after a burn, perfect efficiency is achieved. In addition, no presence is required after kindling, as the stove does not need to be operated further by hand.

The BRUNNER controls not only regulate the combustion air supply, but also detect faulty operation. Too little, damp or unsuitable fuel would result in operating instructions. A display shows the progress of the burn-off, the temperatures in the firebox and the optimum time to add fuel.

Specialist tip

An electronic stove control helps you to operate your oven optimally. Efficiency is optimally utilised and failures during operation of your stove are avoided.

Klaus Leihkamm, Head of craftsmen consultation & customer service


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29. August 2018
The name BRUNNER stands for a company with a passion for stove construction, fireplace construction ...
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