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Our BRUNNER home technology is practical, easy to use and full of benefits for the user. See what the abbreviations EAS, EOS and USA means and how you will enjoy using these "little helpers".

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What is a storage heater?

A frequently used term - storage heater. Whether DIY stores, online retailers or the trades. Everyone tries to use this term for their own purposes, or rather products. In the process, the devices often look completely different, sometimes with extreme price differences. This is more than confusing.
But this does not have to be the case. In principle, the function of a storage heater can be derived quite simply from its name: It is about storing heat. But how exactly does it work and what does it do for people?

The real storage heater

We'll get straight to the point: A real storage heater, usually designed as a tiled stove or a masonry heater, always consists of two parts: a firebox and a storage.

The firebox is the place where combustion takes place. The operator inserts wood into it and fires it up. The resulting heat is then not directly transferred into the chimney, but first into the so-called storage.

This is like a small tunnel system through which the heating gases have to "navigate" before they reach the outside via the chimney. The only difference is that this tunnel system consists of very heavy storage bricks made of fireclay or similar materials.

Heating gas releases heat through frictional contact with the storage mass (for example fireclay). This stores the energy contained in it and slowly releases it into the living space in the form of radiant heat. The effect is pleasant warmth for hours, sometimes even the next morning.

The fake storage heater

The most common form of wood stoves sold are fireplaces. These are free-standing, industrially prefabricated fireplaces that are mostly available in DIY stores or online. These are made from a wide variety of materials, mostly inexpensive steel or sheet metal. In many of these examples, there are other elements around the sheet metal, such as soapstone or fireclay brick. And these are often called "storage heaters" by the manufacturers.

And that is exactly wrong. Because this sometimes very small mass of storage elements does not even come into contact with the heating gases produced in the combustion chamber. It can only absorb some heat via direct contact with the metal of the stove.

This means that a fake storage heater is actually nothing more than a wood stove with more ballast. Without a real storage effect, but more expensive to buy than without "storage". We then call this a "heavy stove".

Storage heaters: Gentle on the wallet, the environment and allergy sufferers 

A classic storage heater, designed either as a tiled stove or a masonry heater, is a highly modern, efficient heating system.

On the one hand, the energy generated by the wood fire is used optimally. Because when the heating gases have finished their journey through the storage, most of the energy has already been transferred to it. You make the most of the wood fuel, so to speak. This protects the environment and saves money.  

On the other hand, radiant heat is much healthier than conventional heating, because it works in a fundamentally different way. Similar to the sun's rays (long-wave infrared radiation), it heats the physical objects in the environment directly. This includes persons.

Normal radiators or hot-air stoves, which also include wood stoves, heat the air. As a result, dust and small particles are also often stirred up by the air exchange. Bad news for allergy sufferers who have to suffer from this.

With a real storage heater, we are practically doing good. For the wallet, the environment and the health of the whole family.

Where can I buy an authentic storage heater? 

An authentic storage heater with storage is handmade and is not available as a prefabricated system.

For the realisation, a furnace builder in the area should therefore be contacted. He will draw up a plan for an individual stove system and you are ready to go. The special thing about this is that every real storage furnace can be individually adapted to the customer's wishes regarding shape and materials. The expert's know-how guarantees the right choice for the appropriate installation.  

Specialist tip

Also for storage heaters the following applies Be sure to consult a professional. A handcrafted heater is created individually and appropriately and is designed to meet your needs. Even if offers from the DIY store are often tempting, this is no comparison to an authentic storage heater. You can also find specialist craftsmen in stove construction under our Craftsman Search.




Klaus Leihkamm, Head of craftsmen consultation & customer service


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