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Home Technology
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Our BRUNNER home technology is practical, easy to use and full of benefits for the user. See what the abbreviations EAS, EOS and USA means and how you will enjoy using these "little helpers".

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Stove construction with passion

Why the furnace builder loves his craftsmen

The profession of a furnace builder is associated with a great deal of enthusiasm and passion. Most craftsmen, like this one, begin to take an interest in their vocation at an early age. Despite the long and sometimes hard work, something seems to inspire stove setters to achieve their masterpieces. But what might that be?

A creation from building materials 

At first, the work seems more like working on "lump" and bricks. The furnace builder sometimes gets wet and of course sometimes dirty. But all this has its value: the inconspicuous individual parts are put together into something unique, into a harmonious picture within the 4 walls of a house owner. In the centre of his home, the stove-setter lets the so simple individual parts shine in a very individual light.

The final construction Stove or Fireplace now creates atmosphere, becomes an eye-catcher in the living room and invites to feel good and enjoy. He created all this with the components and his own hands. It is always a great feeling to see what your own hands make possible.

Bringing joy with creative work 

The furnace builder is not alone happy with his work. He gets proud and convinced because the customer is enthusiastic. The cosy atmosphere and the work of art that the expert has brought into the customer's home is highly appreciated.

The fireplace enhances his property and creates a lasting experience for many years to come. For the customer, the furnace builder remains the artist and expert whose advice on home fires is long-lasting. For the professional, the built installation is a piece of his very own handwriting and he is proud that it will be preserved in the long run.

There is another inner drive: The stove fitter is simply someone who is needed. Many people long for a fire experience and would like to make it possible for themselves. These people will always be there. A good stove fitter will hardly run out of work, also due to a shortage of skilled workers. The knowledge that his job is future-proof is already a great thing.

Motivation drives peak performance 

Besides one's own pride, nothing is more motivating than the customer's pride in his new fireplace. This makes that the stove fitter outperforms every day. The desire and urge to become better enables the craftsman to bring out the best in himself. In order to fulfil this desire, the furnace builder likes to learn new techniques and increase his skills.

Modern technology does not stand still either: New innovations and trends do not make this profession a boring job until retirement. Like an engineer or architect, the furnace builder uses CAD software so for viewing the design in photo-realistic conditions. There is no hint of boredom or monotony. I wonder if most office workers can say the same about their work?

Specialist tip

Collaboration with a furnace builder is not just hiring him to do the job. Collaboration is a creative process, taking into account state-of-the-art technology. Therefore it is important to choose the right furnace builder for you. You can also find them on our home page at Experience BRUNNER.

Klaus Leihkamm, Head of craftsmen consultation & customer service


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About Brunner
29. August 2018
The name BRUNNER stands for a company with a passion for stove construction, fireplace construction ...
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