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Home Technology
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Our BRUNNER home technology is practical, easy to use and full of benefits for the user. See what the abbreviations EAS, EOS and USA means and how you will enjoy using these "little helpers".

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Open fireplaces for pure fire pleasure
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Campfire atmosphere within your own four walls

An open fireplace for the most beautiful moments

It is the most original fireplace of all: an open fireplace. No separating glass, instead an unobstructed view of the blazing flames. You are very close, you can feel, smell and hear the fire. An experience for the senses. The heat output of an open fireplace is secondary, it's all about atmosphere. With the Urfeuer® , BRUNNER brings back fire in its most original form: as an open fireplace without a viewing glass, but with sophisticated technology for trouble-free and safe operation even in modern, dense residential buildings.

Open fire
Bring pure fire atmosphere into your home. Yes, it really is possible - an open fire within your own four walls is a special fire experience, thanks to sophisticated technology.
Maximum safety
A retractable spark protection grille offers appropriate protection when there is a lot of crackling and pattering. The ideal pressure balance is provided by an outside air connection, which returns the air extracted by the fire.
Of course, such an ambient fireplace with an open fire is not intended for heating. Due to its low efficiency, it gives off significantly less heat to the room than one with a ceramic glass window.

Discover our Urfeuer® in different versions

Open Panorama-Kamin fireplaces
Open fireplace with free three-sided view of fire
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Open corner fireplaces
Open fireplace with free two-sided view of fire
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Open flat fireplaces
Open fireplace with free view of fire
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Fireplace with open surroundings
Free view of the fire from all sides
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For priority fire atmosphere

Low efficiency

For over a quarter of a century, BRUNNER has been producing Urfeuer® fireplaces. The different, technically sophisticated models adapt to every living situation. They are modern and straightforward, minimalist and with cast-iron protective plates that visually extend the firebox. Urfeuer® fireplaces focus on the sensual experience, not on heating performance. An open fireplace is not a heating fireplace, the efficiency is only about 20 percent. An open fireplace gives off much less heat to the room than a fireplace with a viewing glass. Accordingly, wood must be added often, the wood requirement is significantly greater than with an efficiently working wood stove, heating fireplace or tiled stove.

See flames, hear crackling, feel warmth, smell wood

BRUNNER has manufactured original Urfeuer® fireplaces since 1996. With new, sophisticated designs, they now adapt to every living situation in the latest version. Modern, straight-lined, minimalist with cast-iron protective plates that effectively visually extend the combustion chamber. An Urfeuer® fireplace means concentration on the senses - not on heating power. For dreaming, relaxing and feeling good. A decelerator in a hectic time.

Give the fire freedom


"Urfeuer® fireplaces are a promise - for safety, for an experience of the senses, for pure atmosphere. A unique construction, designed, developed and manufactured for well-being and enjoyment - the highest quality for the most beautiful moments. A philosophy that we at BRUNNER have been cultivating for 70 years and that has been in every Urfeuer® fireplace since 1996. For the beginning of a long friendship with the open fireplace.

Feel, smell, hear a wood fire - be very close to it, without a glass and technology. This probably oldest kind of fireplace still radiates an incomparable charm today. You can't get a better fire experience than this.” 

Ulrich Brunner

We value authenticity, regionality and the original. That's why we naturally have the most original thing in the world of stoves and fireplaces in our range. A wonderful open fireplace in its purest form - close, genuine and unadulterated. It still crackles and flickers audibly, while other fireplaces squeeze the flames behind ceramic glass windows.

We at the Lower Bavarian premium manufacturer BRUNNER call them Urfeuer® (primal fires) because they have given warmth to people since time immemorial.

Here you experience the fire close up with a special flair, as if you were sitting at a campfire. The only difference: the technology ensures that there is no smoke development in the living room and the flames flicker in a nicely controlled manner. By the way, you wouldn't be the first to get the idea of holding sausages on skewers over it...

Fire for the senses

What does "open fireplace" mean?

Open fireplaces are not classified as heating devices in Germany. In the Federal Immission Control Ordinance, an open wood stove is described as a masonry fireplace for solid fuels that can be operated openly as intended. This means that there is no glass viewing glass between the fire and the observer.  Open fireplaces that are used exclusively for the preparation of food are excluded from the definition. 

An open fire arouses emotions. It is the perfect fireplace for all fireplace owners who not only want to feel wood fire, but also experience it. It offers fast heat, which is released directly into the room, and a great view of the flames. A fireplace is one of the most popular types of wood burning because it harmonises well with the lifestyle of modern people. Especially in hectic times when you come home, carry wood in and set it alight, put your feet up and just want to switch off in front of the open fire.

Spark protection grid

An important detail for an open fireplace is the spark arrestor. No matter whether "sparking" softwood is used or the firebox is to be protected from falling embers after burning for safety reasons. This safety detail is fitted as standard to all Urfeuer fireplaces. The spark protection grid, made of black lacquered stainless steel mesh, is lowered upwards via a smooth-running and stable guide. Technically guided like a ceramic glass and provided with balancing weights. It has the beauty that even when lowered, no technology is visible. The grid mechanics is led into a narrow gap between the fire protection panels. Accessibility is simple and easy, as the fire protection panels can be unhooked without tools. When the spark arrester is pulled down during a burn-off, this grid is not "visible", you will not see it.

Variety of designs

Open fireplaces are unique in design and are conceived, developed and produced for pure well-being and enjoyment. The design of the fire table and the fireplace cover is made according to your individual ideas. An open fireplace has a fire grate and a smoke outlet. Up to 5 kg of fuel can be placed on the grate or fire block so that sufficient oxygen can reach the fire.

Supply and exhaust air

You can't do it without a chimney and supply air from the outside. The outside air connection on the Urfeuer fireplace is connected to a smooth-walled ventilation pipe on the supply air shaft or led directly to the outside wall. For each of these connection solutions, there is a special air damper part that is operated manually or by motor. This means that the fresh air supply can be easily opened or closed again. For a smoke-free fireplace experience and many pleasant hours in front of the open fire.

Flow simulation
Pressure compensation
Negative pressure and flow-optimized baffle plate
Double-walled construction with a large cross-section for air flow with lowest resistance
Connections for outside air duct for air flow (side and bottom)
The integrated air flow primarily ensures pressure equalisation in the room. In addition, an "air curtain" is formed in front of the firebox opening, which minimises the escape of flue gases into the living area.
Fresh air
Room air
Outgoing air
Burnt gas + Room air
Outside air
Fresh air for room and burn-off

Patented air intake and exhaust system

For its Urfeuer® fireplace, BRUNNER has developed an ingenious air intake and exhaust system. Open fireplaces extract a lot of the available air from the room where they are installed, around 300 to 400 cubic metres per hour. In older buildings, this is usually not a problem, as the inflow of fresh air is ensured via leaks, cracks and gaps in windows and doors. In dense construction and in well-insulated houses, this is not possible. Here, the air in the room becomes less and less. This results in negative pressure, and flue gases can enter the living space. To prevent exactly this, Urfeuer® fireplaces regulate the pressure equalisation via a supply and exhaust air system.

No smoke in the living room

The corresponding result is achieved with a generously dimensioned fresh air connection. The fire in the open fireplace thus gets enough air flowing in, which is preheated and directed specifically to the fireplace to prevent draught phenomena. An "air curtain" forms in front of the firebox opening, preventing flue gases from escaping. BRUNNER has developed this maximum level of safety over decades and has even had it patented. Another unique feature is the use of special simulation software for flow profiles and flow velocities of the gas and air volumes.

Open fireplace

What should generally be considered and how often can it be operated?

An open fireplace promises a cosy atmosphere in your own home. However, there are a few things to bear in mind. It is best to consult the district chimney sweep, who will know which open fireplace is permitted and whether a building permit is required for the planned construction. This is required by some municipalities or cities. You also need a separate chimney for an open fireplace. This may be used exclusively and only for this fireplace. Multiple use is not permitted. Chimney sweeps and fireplace builders know the strict regulations that govern, for example, the distance to the neighbour or how high the chimney may be. They also take care of the installation of the system.

An open fireplace should not be operated as a permanent heating option because far too much heat is lost. The Federal Immission Control Ordinance also restricts its use, stating that open fireplaces - unlike wood stoves and tiled stoves or a closed fireplace insert - may only be operated occasionally and not daily. The reason given for this is the considerable nuisance to neighbours caused by smoke and odour emissions, especially in densely built-up areas. When operating an open fireplace, an exhaust air system is therefore mandatory. 

Urfeuer® kitchen fireplace

A fireplace for cooking

Urfeuer® fireplaces come in various designs, one of which is for the kitchen. It is set into the kitchen unit and is used as a full kitchen fireplace . A worktop is placed in front of it. The fireplace can be used for barbecuing all year round, regardless of the weather.

Cook, bake, roast and grill

Roasts cook gently on the spit for hours over the open fire. The spit is positioned towards the back wall of the firebox and rotates at a speed of two revolutions per minute.

Special flavour

In addition to meat, this type of preparation with wood fire also gives fish or vegetables a special touch; they are sizzled in the surface grill. Barbecue smells are removed via the chimney, an extractor fan is integrated into the kitchen fireplace.

Guaranteed safe

All our Urfeuer® models are particularly cleverly designed. They are available as flat formats, corner formats, panorama formats, as a version standing in the middle of the room or for the kitchen and are equipped with protection against flying sparks. The spark protection prevents glowing softwood or sparking embers from falling out in case of carelessness, otherwise you would not be allowed to take your eyes off the fire for a moment while it is burning. Because this is unrealistic, BRUNNER has developed the grille made of black lacquered stainless steel mesh, which is simply lowered upwards via a smooth-running guide and led through a narrow gap between the fire protection panels. This makes it completely invisible to the observer and it is not possible to perceive the fire protection grid during the entire burning process. 

Open fireplace, modern and simple

Urfeuer® fireplaces are open fireplaces with a simple, plain and modern look. Their technology is as little visible as possible, but functions perfectly, taking into account the prescribed standards and regulations. The high standard of quality guarantees a long fireplace life. The tightly welded double-chamber steel construction is solid, robust and yet elegant. The firebox can be effectively enlarged by pulling out the cast-iron firebox protection plates. For this purpose, there are separate BRUNNER attachment frames made of high-quality 8 millimetre steel profile. Details such as a signal pin that indicates the open and closed state of the shut-off damper round off the design. The mounting frames can be extended as a system to any length required, either flat and in a line or extended by 0 or 90 degrees across the corner or laterally or angled backwards by 90 degrees for the panorama version.

What does an open fireplace cost?

Wood fire inserts from BRUNNER are of the highest quality and cost their price. They are characterised by resistant materials, impeccable workmanship and sophisticated technology. This makes them incomparable with some of the products of other suppliers. All products from BRUNNER are "made in Germany", the designs were developed by highly educated engineers and experienced technicians. The higher purchase costs are put into perspective by trouble-free and maintenance-free operation, optimum heat distribution and maximum use of the environment-friendly and CO2-neutral raw material wood. 

Alternatives: wood stove, heating fireplace or retrofitting

For those who not only want to enjoy the view of the open, blazing fire, but also want to heat with wood, a wood stove is more suitable. The efficiency of a heating fireplace or a heating cassette is also much higher. For comparison: with an open fireplace it is around 20 to 30 percent, with a closed stove around 90 percent. If, in addition to the low heat gain, you are also bothered by the restrictions on the use of your open fireplace, as well as soot, dust and odour emissions, you can simply upgrade by installing a fireplace cassette. Custom-made, it turns almost any open fireplace into a closed one and costs considerably less than building a new one. It hardly changes the appearance of the fireplace, only the fire is placed in a closed combustion chamber. With a fireplace insert, on the other hand, the outside can also be changed. Nevertheless, a fireplace with a fireplace insert provides a pleasant atmosphere for any living space.

An open fireplace has no viewing glass and is therefore open in the living space. This not only gives off warmth, but also the smell of the fire. Fans of open fireplaces argue that this is the most original and best way to enjoy a wood fire. That is why BRUNNER's open fireplaces are simply called Urfeuer® fireplaces, as they have been considered man's first, proper source of heat since time immemorial. From a purely legal point of view, an open fireplace is not considered an individual fireplace in Germany. It is therefore not subject to the same specifications and standards as a classic fireplace or tiled stove.

One would think that an open fireplace, due to the absence of a viewing glass, would give off more heat to the living space than its counterpart with a viewing glass. The opposite is the case. The heat output of an open fireplace is only 20 to 30 percent. Or in other words: it heats less well. That is why an open fire is above all an atmospheric fire, which is appealing mainly because of its visual appeal.

As with all fireplaces or tiled stoves, a good and well thought-out design is required if a system is to meet all safety standards. Special air supply systems make it possible to supply the open fireplace with sufficient fresh air for optimal combustion, even in tight constructions. Together with a sophisticated extraction device, this prevents flue gases from escaping into the living space and guarantees maximum safety. At BRUNNER, these devices have been developed over many years and have even been patented.

Another feature is the spark protection from BRUNNER, which prevents pieces of embers or sparks from flying out of the firebox into the living space. And best of all, its unique design makes it visually invisible when a fire is blazing behind it. Maximum fire experience with minimum risk.

An open fireplace needs sufficient supply air to function properly and safely. For this purpose, supply air ducts must be fitted either to the outer wall or separately to the chimney. This way the Urfeuer® fireplace can be supplied with enough fresh air and can be operated optimally. Pipes with an average diameter of at least 300 mm (11.8 inches) are required, and it is not uncommon for structural conditions to make it necessary to attach an electrical extraction device. 

When wood is burnt, only as much CO2 is produced as the tree has previously absorbed. This is why wood heating is called CO2-neutral. Also, no toxic pollutants such as sulphur dioxide are produced in the process.

Technical aspects, safety and practical elements are the be-all and end-all in the design of first-class fireplace and stove inserts. But who wants a sophisticated system that is simply not beautiful? Or which fulfils a technical benefit but is no fun?

At BRUNNER we are always both technicians and designers. There is nothing that works and doesn't also look good. A combustion chamber made of cast-iron plates with grooves, a firebox extension and invisible spark protection grids. A detail must function and please. And that is precisely why we are convinced that our Urfeuer® fireplaces are also not only practical to use, but simply really good to look at.

Looking for the perfect Urfeuer®?

Consult your furnace builder to find the right heating insert for your home.

Also use our social media channels to get inspired.

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This year, in the summer of 2022, a new Brunner WF 33 insert was installed in my current tiled stove (36 years old) by the specialist company Schömig from Höchberg/Würzburg. Batch no. C011.002-05.000.787010. With the start of the heating season, our new WF 33 burns almost every day and we are every time more and more enthusiasti...
Körner Otmar
Corner fireplace of BRUNNER is the eye-catcher in the living room
Dr. Buch, Tutzing: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, With the installation of the corner fireplace Architektur-Eck 38/86/36 from Brunner, our newly created living room has become a real eye-catcher. Without being obtrusive, it is a compelling fireplace installed in steel. The convincing quality-oriented technology and the perfectly...
Dr. Buch
We heat the first winter with a stove installed by stove builder Stefan Hock from Bessenbach. Not only does the stove look great and fit perfectly into the picture, it also makes you really warm, and with far less wood than we needed before.
Krause Birgit
A successful investment
Dear Sir or Madam After careful consideration, we decided to build an HK7 heating fireplace from Brunner and are happy with the decision. We would like to thank the stove building company Torsten Dix from 03205 Bronkow very much for the good advice and accurate execution on schedule. The fireplace is visually a modern jewel and ...
Schikorra Andreas
After we got a new gas condensing boiler in 2017, Kachelofen Schulz from Rastatt-Rauental built a water-bearing heating fireplace for us at the same time. We are still totally enthusiastic about this combination, Mr. Schulz also showed us wonderfully how to fire optimally and burn wood effectively. Now we have obtained another B...
Weschenfelder Hanne u. Wolfgang
Our tiled stove was put into operation 37 years ago. Our chimney sweep is very enthusiastic. He has also already taken measurements with my consent. Top values  
Kehl Herbert
The HKD 5.1 of BRUNNER is a product of top class
Michael Schmidkonz: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, We have bought a Brunner HKD 5.1 tiled stove. It is a top class product. Whether for ignition, continuing to heat or keeping embers burning - simply outstanding! With kind regards from Tirschenreuth Michael Schmidkonz
Michael Schmidkonz
Dipl.-Ing. Oberstudiendirektor
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am currently planning the installation of my second Brunner tiled stove with the expert advice of the master stove builder Josef Müller, Runding. For expert advice on the installation of the Brunner B4 in the existing heating system, I sought professional help from Brunner: Friendly reception, sound profe...
Mohr Heribert
Competent service technicians can no longer be taken for granted today
Jochen Gräve, Niederwerth: Good morning, Yesterday, between 4:00 and 5:30 p.m., your service technician Mr. Kieswimmer changed the brackets on my masonry heater door and checked and readjusted various settings on the EOS. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Ulrich Brunner GmbH and especially to Mr. Kieswimmer for thi...
Jochen Gräve
Better some euros more for the brand quality of BRUNNER
Ralf Lenz: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, The chimney sweep just came. He wouldn’t believe that we had left our stove burning all winter. It turns out that it's better to spend a few euros more on brand quality such as a Brunner stove than to buy cheap junk. It pays off in the long run - and the environment is happy too :-) Cordia...
Ralf Lenz
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