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Home Technology
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Our BRUNNER home technology is practical, easy to use and full of benefits for the user. See what the abbreviations EAS, EOS and USA means and how you will enjoy using these "little helpers".

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Kit system tiled stoves
Modern stove with system in thermal concrete look
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Kit system tiled stove

A sophisticated solution with a system

Attractive thermal concrete in system construction

BRUNNER BSO system stoves are offered as a kit to keep installation time short and costs low. Nevertheless, there is a choice of different claddings - from plain exposed concrete to fancy plaster structures or tasteful ceramic surfaces. The BSO is also available as a boiler module.

The cast-iron tiled stove insert of the BRUNNER kit system stove provides a storage across which heating gas flows, enabling it to store heat (tiled stove effect).
The wood stove is available in generous glass formats and has a modern cladding of thermal concrete.
Slow-reaction furnace
The wood stove has a powerful heat output, which is achieved via the cast-iron heating insert and the ceramic reheating surface. The radiant heat is retained for some time after the stove burn-off.

Discover our kit system tiled stoves in different viewing glass versions

Tunnel kit system tiled stoves
Kit system stove with flat front and rear viewing glass
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Kit system flat tiled stoves
Kit system tiled stove with flat plane
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Round kit system tiled stove
Kit system tiled stove with curved front viewing glass
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Small storage stoves
The compact solution with a system
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For primarily heat

A kit system tiled stove is installed when priority heat is desired and it should be available for hours after the stove burn-off. This is why kit system tiled stoves are also called "slow-reaction furnaces" because of their heating capacity.

BSO 02
BSO 03
Hot air
Infrared radiation
Infrared radiation
Exhaust gases
Hot air exchanger
Storage mass
Combustion gases
Combustion air
Combustion air
Warm air
Heat radiation
Exhaust gases
Storage mass
Combustion air
Heat radiation
Combustion air
Heating gas
Double arch
Heat protection sheet for direct attachment at the back wall
"Slow-reaction furnace" principle

Tiled stove heating insert with a storage on top with heating gas flow

As with a "real" storage heater, the energy of the flue gases is absorbed as it flows through the storage and released over the surface with a time delay. The room receives the rapid heat during combustion via the firebox radiation through the large viewing glass. This type of heating effect has become known from tiled stoves.

"Slow-reaction furnace" principle

Tiled stove heating insert with large lateral storage

The kit system tiled stove with lateral storage works in exactly the same way. It also has the familiar tiled stove effect and stores the heat for a long time with considerably more storage. This type of arrangement is particularly suitable for benches on which you can warm up comfortably on cold days.

Easy to operate

Simple and uncomplicated

Manually operated or automated

The combustion air can be controlled manually with just one operating element (lever). Effortless and easy to understand. The symbols on the glass provide additional support.

Of course, the white display (EAS) shows that it can also be operated automatically. The most convenient version is the combination with an electronic combustion control (EAS). All you have to do is light the stove or add fuel, the control system takes care of everything else. High efficiency is the result, because the EAS servomotor never forgets to readjust and always stops the combustion air supply at the end of the burn-off. This is particularly convenient if the stove cannot be operated any further after its kindling, either because you go to bed or you leave the house.

Thermal concrete look

Modern fireplace cover

Puristic, stylish and elegant - the fireplace body in its simplest form and appearance. Precisely fitting thermal concrete elements, cast and assembled with shadow gap. Here, perfection lies in the imperfect. The concrete surface has edges and unevenness, which is precisely why it appears so clear and unobtrusive. It is highly advisable to seal the thermal concrete elements with carnauba wax after assembly. This is absolutely recommended in order to permanently prevent unwanted stains. Because once a hand or shoulder with natural skin grease has leaned against the cold fireplace cover, the dark stain is almost impossible to get rid of. Other liquids are also absorbed by the concrete surface and permanently change its appearance.

A real storage heater in a practical system format. As an inexpensive alternative to the classic tiled stove, a BSO is equipped with industrially prefabricated stove cladding made of thermal concrete. The effect remains the same: Long-lasting warmth that supplies the living space with pleasant radiant heat for hours. Simple and practical.

Although a kit system tiled stove does not offer the customised features of a handcrafted system. On the other hand, its industrially prefabricated components make it much quicker and cheaper to install. The kit is delivered complete and only needs to be assembled by the craftsman. In the process, the height of the thermal concrete cladding parts can be additionally extended.

Although the BSO is a classic kit system tiled stove, you don't have to do without the usual BRUNNER quality. Because inside there is a genuine tiled stove insert, with all its advantages. Despite the lower costs, there are no compromises in the workmanship and materials, and heating is simply fun.

Although the shape of the thermal concrete components of the BSO cannot be customised, you can still adapt it to the design and colour scheme of your living space. Using special plasters and colours, it is possible to give your BRUNNER storage heater that certain something extra. In this way, a practical, quickly assembled heating appliance becomes a design system for every living room. In addition, the BSO is available in 4 different versions, including the option of designing it as a water-bearing stove.

Today's world of wood fires increasingly consists of large glazing and a lot of visual fire atmosphere. Yet the heating itself often takes second place. For all customers who appreciate the warmth aspect of a wood fire, there is only one address: BRUNNER. Because in addition to high-quality fireplaces, wood stoves and kit system fireplaces, it is above all our tiled stoves and kit system masonry heaters that have enjoyed the greatest popularity for decades. You have this experience also in the kit system tiled stoves by BRUNNER. Thanks to innovations and constant further development, you get what is probably the best system directly from the specialist. A good deal.

Looking for the perfect kit system tiled stove?

Consult your furnace builder to find the right heating insert for your home.

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customer testimonials

That's what our customers say about BRUNNER

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This year, in the summer of 2022, a new Brunner WF 33 insert was installed in my current tiled stove (36 years old) by the specialist company Schömig from Höchberg/Würzburg. Batch no. C011.002-05.000.787010. With the start of the heating season, our new WF 33 burns almost every day and we are every time more and more enthusiasti...
Körner Otmar
Competent service technicians can no longer be taken for granted today
Jochen Gräve, Niederwerth: Good morning, Yesterday, between 4:00 and 5:30 p.m., your service technician Mr. Kieswimmer changed the brackets on my masonry heater door and checked and readjusted various settings on the EOS. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Ulrich Brunner GmbH and especially to Mr. Kieswimmer for thi...
Jochen Gräve
Better some euros more for the brand quality of BRUNNER
Ralf Lenz: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, The chimney sweep just came. He wouldn’t believe that we had left our stove burning all winter. It turns out that it's better to spend a few euros more on brand quality such as a Brunner stove than to buy cheap junk. It pays off in the long run - and the environment is happy too :-) Cordia...
Ralf Lenz
Our tiled stove was put into operation 37 years ago. Our chimney sweep is very enthusiastic. He has also already taken measurements with my consent. Top values  
Kehl Herbert
Corner fireplace of BRUNNER is the eye-catcher in the living room
Dr. Buch, Tutzing: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, With the installation of the corner fireplace Architektur-Eck 38/86/36 from Brunner, our newly created living room has become a real eye-catcher. Without being obtrusive, it is a compelling fireplace installed in steel. The convincing quality-oriented technology and the perfectly...
Dr. Buch
The HKD 5.1 of BRUNNER is a product of top class
Michael Schmidkonz: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, We have bought a Brunner HKD 5.1 tiled stove. It is a top class product. Whether for ignition, continuing to heat or keeping embers burning - simply outstanding! With kind regards from Tirschenreuth Michael Schmidkonz
Michael Schmidkonz
We heat the first winter with a stove installed by stove builder Stefan Hock from Bessenbach. Not only does the stove look great and fit perfectly into the picture, it also makes you really warm, and with far less wood than we needed before.
Krause Birgit
After we got a new gas condensing boiler in 2017, Kachelofen Schulz from Rastatt-Rauental built a water-bearing heating fireplace for us at the same time. We are still totally enthusiastic about this combination, Mr. Schulz also showed us wonderfully how to fire optimally and burn wood effectively. Now we have obtained another B...
Weschenfelder Hanne u. Wolfgang
Dipl.-Ing. Oberstudiendirektor
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am currently planning the installation of my second Brunner tiled stove with the expert advice of the master stove builder Josef Müller, Runding. For expert advice on the installation of the Brunner B4 in the existing heating system, I sought professional help from Brunner: Friendly reception, sound profe...
Mohr Heribert
A successful investment
Dear Sir or Madam After careful consideration, we decided to build an HK7 heating fireplace from Brunner and are happy with the decision. We would like to thank the stove building company Torsten Dix from 03205 Bronkow very much for the good advice and accurate execution on schedule. The fireplace is visually a modern jewel and ...
Schikorra Andreas
Small storage stoves
The compact solution with a system
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Kit system fireplaces
The modern solution with a system
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Kit system masonry heaters
Maximum heat storage with a system
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