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Our BRUNNER home technology is practical, easy to use and full of benefits for the user. See what the abbreviations EAS, EOS and USA means and how you will enjoy using these "little helpers".

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The furnace builder

A profession that steps out of line

This profession is literally red-hot at all times, because: who doesn't want a cosy fire for their home? While outside in the cold or bad weather, it feels like the world is "coming to an end", you retreat to your cosy, harmonious realm with a fireplace after a strenuous day. Decorative flair, pleasant warmth, a crackling wood fire. It's easy to get carried away. And the best thing about it is that it can be done by just one person, namely a professional stove fitter. However, this specialist must have a lot of skills in order to be able to build such a stove or fireplace in a home in the first place:

The Customer-Oriented Consultant & People Understander 

One thing is quite clear: expert and individual advice comes first before anything can be built. Before the consultation, however, the stove fitter must first find out how his customer "ticks", how he lives, what his living situation looks like and what ideas he has. The stove fitter must be sensitive and open-minded at all times, because a fireplace is always associated with feelings for the customer. Once he has all the important information about the customer, the expert advises until the right fireplace is found for the customer's individual needs.

The project manager

Then it can start, the project of building a stove or fireplace is launched: from all the necessary materials and calculations to the concrete work processes, every step must be planned and thought through. Not to be forgotten is the important exchange with colleagues. Depending on the system, the furnace builder needs ceramics, wood or other building materials, which of course have to be organised in good time with the relevant craftsman colleagues.

The system planning itself is very modern, just like that of an architect: The design is created with CAD software, so the expert can simulate it under realistic conditions in the customer's living space. What customer is not impressed when he can already enjoy the building in his imagination?

3. The creative mind & material expert 

As individual as the customer's wishes are, the result should be tailor-made and unique. The stove fitter has to come up with something new every time. A creative streak, an excellent spatial imagination in combination with technical and professional knowledge are characteristics that make him stand out.

Just as a baker must be familiar with the processing of milk, sugar and flour, the stove fitter must know about different materials such as metals, natural stones or plaster. Very important: the furnace builder is also the expert in fuel types such as wood, gas or electricity.

4. The precise craftsman & mathematician

If the stove fitter does not work accurately, he may be facing a similar situation to that of the architect Edifis in the classic cartoon Asterix and Cleopatra: although the building does not necessarily collapse immediately, heating gases from the fireplace may make their way into the room. Such mistakes are not only annoying and unsightly, but can also be very dangerous. For this reason, a careful working method as well as detailed and exact calculations are essential.

5. The technician & electronics engineer

Manual and mechanical processing of components, installation and maintenance of heating inserts: The stove fitter must be able to do all this and more on a daily basis.

He must also be familiar with the installation of electronic devices, such as an electric stove control:

Renewable energies are a relevant topic for the stove fitter: high-tech systems draw energy from stoves or fireplaces, either to for hot water heat or building heating. In combination with solar systems, heat pumps or water heat exchangers, the stove fitter enables great energy concepts in cooperation with the heating engineer.

6. The sales talent

A good sales talent is always an advantage: Those who can present themselves well in different heating situations, as interior designers and artists, and convince people of their competence, quickly make a name for themselves.

Those who can also build unusual things and implement special customer wishes have particularly good earning opportunities.

Specialist tip

A good furnace builder will bring a jewel into your home with your stove installation. With his creativity and unique expertise, he can support you in planning and finding ideas. You can find many good furnace builders - also from your region - on our homepage at Experience BRUNNER.

Sandra Pahnke, Head of marketing


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29. August 2018
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