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Home Technology
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Our BRUNNER home technology is practical, easy to use and full of benefits for the user. See what the abbreviations EAS, EOS and USA means and how you will enjoy using these "little helpers".

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Ovens and kitchen grills
Out into the garden for cooking, baking, roasting
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Baking oven and kitchen grill

Cooking pleasure for indoors and outdoors

Outdoor kitchen and bread oven for a special culinary treat

Coming home, the table is set, there's the smell of a delicious meal - what more could you want after a day's work? With our innovative kitchen appliances, delicate dishes can be prepared quickly and easily. Cooking, grilling or baking over wood gives every dish a very special touch. And if the outdoor kitchen is also located in the garden, the barbecue experience is perfect. Anyone who is still thinking about whether to buy an outdoor kitchen: When the days get longer again and summer is on its way, there's nothing better.

A garden kitchen is a guarantee for chilling with family and friends. Everyone meets outdoors, you spend time together and have delicacies served from the grill.
Wood fires give all dishes a typical smoky aroma. Baking and cooking on stone is one of the oldest cooking methods ever.
Outdoor kitchen
Here, it is not only possible to grill steaks or sizzle sausages. In a real open-air kitchen, grill and kitchen form a symbiosis.

Discover our grill and baking world

System wood furnace
The modern wood furnace for the garden
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Pizza igloo
The customisable fire igloo
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Kitchen fireplaces
Cooking like back then with the Urfeuer®
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Ideas from the BRUNNER house

The Grannus wood oven from the Lower Bavarian premium manufacturer BRUNNER is an all-rounder, a baking and cooking temple, a baking oven with a system, in which pizzas, roasts, breads, oven vegetables and much more turn out wonderfully. This is also due to the even heat of the classic wood fire.

The Fire Igloo is a pizza and bread baking oven developed by BRUNNER for outdoor use or the living room. It has the advantage that it is already pre-assembled and can therefore be set up quickly and easily. The wood in the combustion chamber provides the incomparable taste of a real wood-fired pizza or a crispy tarte flambée. In addition, there is a cast-iron fire door for the Pizza Igloo. The dial thermometer measures the optimum pizza temperature on the base and in the dome. The kit can be completely rebuilt and dressed up according to your own wishes.

Accessories for the outdoor kitchen

Functional and practical

Fish or meat, pizza or vegetable skewers? As much as preferences and tastes vary, hobby chefs and grill masters have one thing in common: the desire for high-quality, functional and stylish kitchen accessories. BRUNNER offers a small but finely coordinated range of high-quality products. 

For all customers who want to construct and build a wood oven completely themselves, BRUNNER offers cast-iron doors as well as accessories such as dial thermometer, smoke connection pipe or soot sweep door. These allow you to design your own, completely individual baking temple from scratch. For all others who like to use a ready-made vault element, there is the Fire Igloo. Its cover can also be designed very individually and creatively. Extendable accessories are also available here.

Side table
The matching side table for the Grannus is also made of heat concrete.
Dial thermometer
A dial thermometer can be installed to determine the top and bottom heat.
Fire grill 24/30
The fire grill is made of two millimetre (0.07inches) stainless steel. It was specially developed for closed fireboxes, as is the case with a tiled stove or fireplace insert, for example.
Fire grill 42/30
The wide version of the fire grill has screwed stainless steel feet that can be unscrewed for easier cleaning and better storage. It can also be used in closed fireplaces.
In addition to an insulated lateral door, cast-iron doors with 1 or 2 leaves are also available. This keeps the heat where it should be: inside the wood oven.
Grill drive single
For open, masonry fireplaces in gardens or on terraces. Maintenance-free double-sided toothed gear; drive motor with 10 Nm torque; rotation speed: 2 revolutions/minute.
Grill drive triple
With large version of the grill drive with three spit holders. The drive is bricked into the front side wall area of a fireplace. The open back allows the cooling air to flow in.
Barbecue skewer
With skewer holder, double skewer clamp and barbecue clamp.

Fidibuses - natural lighter sticks

And skilful firing up works in no time at all

With our Fidibuses professional lighting of the firewood is guaranteed. They can be used not only for fireplaces and tiled stoves, but also for all other wood burning devices such as wood ovens and pizza ovens. They are made of environment-friendly, pure wood fibres soaked in natural paraffin. This is absolutely harmless to health and has the great advantage that they do not dry out. For the very experienced among you: half a kindling stick is often enough to light the fire.

They are available in packs of 18, but also in larger containers and in the chic metal box of 50.

You should ask yourself these questions

Brick stove or wood oven?

In addition to the term wood oven, the term brick stove is also often used. Many pizzerias advertise both types of pizza oven, but is there a difference? No. Both wood and brick stoves are fuelled with wood, sometimes also with charcoal or wood briquettes. By placing the food to be baked on the hot stone, which is porous rather than on a tray as in a normal oven, it is ventilated from below and rises much more. 

But there are also modern wood ovens that are not made of bricks but of metal, which are then not brick stoves. These appliances nevertheless give the food its smoky flavour, because the baking chamber itself is lined with fireclay. Incidentally, if the unit is powered by gas, electricity or oil instead of wood, it is not a wood oven.

Mobile and portable wood oven

For all customers who would like to have a wood oven but do not have the possibility to build it out of bricks or have it built, there is a good alternative: wood ovens made of metal, because they are mobile and can be equipped with an individual, mobile frame. Such a unit can then be moved at any time or taken along when moving house. The costs for the chassis are usually in the double-digit range. 

In addition to such wood ovens on wheels, there are also pizza ovens that can be carried. They are heated with wood pellets or wood chips, common wood logs would be much too big. Of course, these appliances must not exceed a certain weight, so the baking chamber - and possibly the firebox - are naturally much smaller. It is usually sufficient to prepare a standard-sized pizza or tarte flambée. But you can bake wherever you like: in the garden, in the countryside, at the neighbour's or on an outing.

How big should a wood oven be?

The size of the wood oven depends on the size of the baking chamber. A large oven is pointless if the baking chamber is just enough to prepare a pizza. You should therefore consider in advance how many dishes are to be baked in the oven at the same time, then you can better estimate what the minimum size of the baking chamber should be. The following example can be a guide: In a baking chamber that is about 70 centimetres (27.5 inches) wide, 70 centimetres (27.5 inches) deep and 50 centimetres (19.6 inches) high, the baking surface is about 64 (23.6 inches) by 40 centimetres (15.7 inches). That is enough space to slide in up to four loaves of bread (weighing 750 grams) at a time. By the way, one speaks of a tarte flambée oven or a pizza oven when the dimensions are exactly tailored to these dishes and are rather wide and flat. A large loaf of bread or a roast cannot be prepared in such an oven.


Which wood fits the wood furnace?

Almost all hardwoods can be used well in a wood furnace, from brushwood to finished logs. Spruce wood, fir wood or pine wood have their very own aroma due to their resin content and their flame is soft. For indirect-fired devices, types of wood such as beech are particularly recommended and would also be good for smoking. Each type of wood smells different and has very individual properties. Basically, however, the same applies to wood for a wood furnace as for a wood stove: it must be well dried, about two years old and, of course, untreated. In addition, the wood furnace can also be fired with charcoal or wood briquettes. How much fuel is needed depends on the size of the furnace and the model and can be found in the operating instructions. 

What should I take into account?

And what does an outdoor kitchen need to be able to do?

An outdoor kitchen basically contains the same equipment as a small built-in kitchen. There is a built-in grill and other cooking areas on which, for example, vegetables can be stewed or pasta cooked. Everything can be prepared on the worktop, the food cools in the refrigerator and, of course, there is also a sink for washing up.

For the grill, you have the choice between a gas grill or charcoal. Gas grills are usually preferred if the outdoor kitchen is protected under a roof, for example a pergola or a terrace, because a gas grill produces much less soot than a charcoal grill. However, there are also manufacturers who offer special gas barbecue models that can be integrated into a kitchen unit without a roof, because a double-walled stainless steel cover protects them from moisture.


Cooking outdoors

Whoever wants to cook outdoors and in the garden needs good planning for gas, electricity and water lines, so installation mistakes can be avoided from the start. After all, the further away the favoured place for the outdoor kitchen is from the house and the connections, the more elaborate - and expensive - its installation will be. Costs can also be saved by gradually expanding and adding to your outdoor kitchen. A prefabricated system is a good option here; the modules can be extended and assembled as desired. Otherwise, it is just as important with a garden kitchen as with any other kitchen to avoid making furnishing mistakes in the first place. For example, seating should not be too close to the grill so that no one is smoked during the cooking process. It is also important to have enough storage space and generously planned work surfaces on which everything can be prepared, cut, filleted or served. An outdoor kitchen cupboard or storage space is also necessary, for plates, cutlery and glasses, pots and pans.  

Building your own outdoor kitchen

You can have an outdoor kitchen made by a professional or build it yourself, provided you have the appropriate craftsmanship. Regardless of whether the kitchen is of the prefabricated modular type or whether it is to be a permanently installed, brick-built outdoor kitchen, the important thing is the surface, which must be stable - preferably paved or concreted to prevent slipping - and not simply a lawn. Sufficient safety and fire protection must also be taken into account, especially if there are children in the outdoor kitchen. Before starting to build the outdoor kitchen, you should check with the relevant building authority whether an official permit is required. Build your own outdoor kitchen

Looking for the perfect outdoor cooking experience?

Consult your furnace builder to find the right heating insert for your home.

Also use our social media channels to get inspired.

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customer testimonials

That's what our customers say about BRUNNER

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After we got a new gas condensing boiler in 2017, Kachelofen Schulz from Rastatt-Rauental built a water-bearing heating fireplace for us at the same time. We are still totally enthusiastic about this combination, Mr. Schulz also showed us wonderfully how to fire optimally and burn wood effectively. Now we have obtained another B...
Weschenfelder Hanne u. Wolfgang
The HKD 5.1 of BRUNNER is a product of top class
Michael Schmidkonz: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, We have bought a Brunner HKD 5.1 tiled stove. It is a top class product. Whether for ignition, continuing to heat or keeping embers burning - simply outstanding! With kind regards from Tirschenreuth Michael Schmidkonz
Michael Schmidkonz
Our tiled stove was put into operation 37 years ago. Our chimney sweep is very enthusiastic. He has also already taken measurements with my consent. Top values  
Kehl Herbert
Corner fireplace of BRUNNER is the eye-catcher in the living room
Dr. Buch, Tutzing: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, With the installation of the corner fireplace Architektur-Eck 38/86/36 from Brunner, our newly created living room has become a real eye-catcher. Without being obtrusive, it is a compelling fireplace installed in steel. The convincing quality-oriented technology and the perfectly...
Dr. Buch
Competent service technicians can no longer be taken for granted today
Jochen Gräve, Niederwerth: Good morning, Yesterday, between 4:00 and 5:30 p.m., your service technician Mr. Kieswimmer changed the brackets on my masonry heater door and checked and readjusted various settings on the EOS. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Ulrich Brunner GmbH and especially to Mr. Kieswimmer for thi...
Jochen Gräve
We heat the first winter with a stove installed by stove builder Stefan Hock from Bessenbach. Not only does the stove look great and fit perfectly into the picture, it also makes you really warm, and with far less wood than we needed before.
Krause Birgit
This year, in the summer of 2022, a new Brunner WF 33 insert was installed in my current tiled stove (36 years old) by the specialist company Schömig from Höchberg/Würzburg. Batch no. C011.002-05.000.787010. With the start of the heating season, our new WF 33 burns almost every day and we are every time more and more enthusiasti...
Körner Otmar
Dipl.-Ing. Oberstudiendirektor
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am currently planning the installation of my second Brunner tiled stove with the expert advice of the master stove builder Josef Müller, Runding. For expert advice on the installation of the Brunner B4 in the existing heating system, I sought professional help from Brunner: Friendly reception, sound profe...
Mohr Heribert
A successful investment
Dear Sir or Madam After careful consideration, we decided to build an HK7 heating fireplace from Brunner and are happy with the decision. We would like to thank the stove building company Torsten Dix from 03205 Bronkow very much for the good advice and accurate execution on schedule. The fireplace is visually a modern jewel and ...
Schikorra Andreas
Better some euros more for the brand quality of BRUNNER
Ralf Lenz: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, The chimney sweep just came. He wouldn’t believe that we had left our stove burning all winter. It turns out that it's better to spend a few euros more on brand quality such as a Brunner stove than to buy cheap junk. It pays off in the long run - and the environment is happy too :-) Cordia...
Ralf Lenz
Wood stove with hob and grille
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Fireplace with open surroundings
Free view of the fire from all sides
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The wood fire - Man's most faithful companion
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