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Home Technology
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Our BRUNNER home technology is practical, easy to use and full of benefits for the user. See what the abbreviations EAS, EOS and USA means and how you will enjoy using these "little helpers".

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Space-saving wood stove

Which model for which room?

There's room in even the smallest cabin, as the saying goes, and that also applies to a wood stove. There are many models in small sizes and shallow depths.

What could be better than coming home after a long day, putting your feet up and dreaming in front of the crackling fire?

No matter how large your own four walls are, no one has to do without this experience. Because there is a suitable, space-saving fireplace or stove for every room, which is nevertheless elegant and aesthetic. By the way, a small fireplace is one that is about 90 centimetres high and about 15.7 inches (40 centimetres ) wide and deep. Such a wood stove requires correspondingly little floor space, which is convenient for small rooms. To avoid connection problems, the necessary distance from the wall and the diameter of the flue pipe connection and position should also be considered. The same applies to the internal dimensions, because only short logs can be used in a small stove

Solutions for little space

Space-saving stoves are available in many different designs that require little space for installation. Eck-Kamin fireplaces, for example, make use of otherwise unused corners. A flat wood stove still offers the usual view of the fire. Wall-mounted fireplaces do not require floor space. Tall, narrow variations are also a good alternative. Tunnel fireplaces are practical because they can act as a room-dividing wall and can be seen from two sides. Which model you choose depends on taste but above all on the spatial conditions.

Rated heat power for small rooms

Smaller wood stoves are in no way inferior to larger ones. The wood crackles pleasantly and they spread cosy warmth. A decisive value to consider when purchasing a stove is the rated power. It indicates the heat output of the stove or fireplace that is delivered within a certain period of time in continuous operation and with a certain amount of logs. Small fireplaces also have a lower output - after all, they are located in a smaller installation room. As a rule, a space-saving wood stove has an output of between four and five kilowatts. Whereas in large rooms you should make sure that the heat output of the wood stove is high enough, in small installation rooms the rated heat power should be low to avoid overheating.

How much space do you need for a stove?

Before buying a stove, there are three basic questions to ask:

  1. How often will the stove be heated?
  2. How well is the house insulated?
  3. How many square metres will be heated?

As far as the minimum size of the room where the stove is installed is concerned, regulations are provided by the law for safety reasons. A wood stove draws air from the room during combustion, so it must be ensured that the room is large enough for there to be enough oxygen and sufficient air to flow in. Otherwise, humans and animals may suffer headaches, unpleasant nausea and dizziness due to the lack of oxygen.

A rough rule of thumb is 0.1 kilowatt per square metre with a ceiling height of 2.5 metres (8.2 feet). If the intended installation room is smaller, the chimney sweep should be consulted urgently. An alternative would be a small wood stove that works independently of the room air and with an external combustion air supply. In this case, the air reaches the appliance via an external connection. A wood stove that is independent of room air is usually installed in modern passive and low-energy houses, where the high level of insulation means that very little fresh air can flow into the house. There are also stove solutions with external air supply via the chimney. Here, a so-called air-flue chimney discharges the hot flue gases and simultaneously supplies fresh combustion air.

BRUNNER small kit system storage heater

Maximum storage in a small space

The KSO small kit system storage heater is a masonry heater with a small base that offers great fire enjoyment in a small space. Precisely dimensioned moulded parts allow the compact storage heater to be assembled quickly and inexpensively. It gives off pleasant radiant heat for hours. The slender column format with a round or square ground plan is available with a ceramic cover or concrete look. However, it can also be realised with a handcrafted cover in a plastered finish.


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29. August 2018
The name BRUNNER stands for a company with a passion for stove construction, fireplace construction ...
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