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Home Technology
Become a conductor

Our BRUNNER home technology is practical, easy to use and full of benefits for the user. See what the abbreviations EAS, EOS and USA means and how you will enjoy using these "little helpers".

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Heating with photovoltaics

A photovoltaic system on the roof turns every home-owner into an electricity producer. They can use the electricity for their own consumption or feed it into the public grid - which is becoming increasingly unattractive due to the low remuneration. According to the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), heat in private households accounts for around 75 percent of final energy consumption*. This is a good reason to prefer using self-generated solar energy for heating rooms. This is also supported by the fact that the prices for photovoltaic systems are falling, self-generated solar electricity is cheaper than electricity from the grid provider and overall electricity costs will probably continue to rise in the coming years. In addition, solar power is regenerative energy, protects the environment and makes the home-owner a bit more self-sufficient.


In a house with about 180 square metres of living space, a photovoltaic system with 13 KWp can cover a considerable part of the electricity and the heat supply. The electrical energy is stored as heat. In winter, a wood heating system provides support. Either as a fully automatic solution in the form of a pellet boiler or as a water-bearing tiled stove/ fireplace.

Heating centre as an energy manager

The better the interaction between wood and photovoltaics works, the greater the profit. This is where the BRUNNER heating centre (BHZ) comes into play.

It is the interface between the heating and photovoltaic systems and optimally harmonises the energy generation, energy distribution and energy consumption of a house. Via a single user interface - which can be installed anywhere in the house - the occupant does not need to make any settings. The intelligent control regulates all processes according to the eco-hierarchical principle and thus ensures efficient energy use and distribution.

Log boiler brings comfort

Log gasification boilers bring a new level of comfort in this heating system. During the summer months, the Heating with wood is not necessary, as the heat yields of the photovoltaic system are sufficient for water heating. In the transitional period, the photovoltaic integration into the heating system provides more energy than comparable thermal solar systems. In this way, very long reheating intervals of the log gasification boiler can be achieved. For the dark days, BRUNNER boilers are equipped with automatic kindling as standard. When the system storage is fully charged, the log boiler is again completely loaded with a wood charge. When the stored heat energy is used up, the boiler ignites automatically and reloads the system storage. Only when this heat supply is also empty does the occupant have to top up.

What happens if you are away from home for a longer period?

An additional oil boiler is not necessary because the photovoltaic integration will try to stretch the heat supply as long as possible and keep the building at the desired temperature. If this is no longer possible, heating can be added fully automatically via the mains. But only exactly as much as the heating system has calculated or the occupant has set manually.

Specialist tip

The modern combination of sun and wood is more comfortable than some may think. When building a heating system or even retrofitting, be sure to consult a professional and, if necessary, point out this combination option.




Klaus Leihkamm, Head of craftsmen consultation & customer service


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29. August 2018
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