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Home Technology
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Our BRUNNER home technology is practical, easy to use and full of benefits for the user. See what the abbreviations EAS, EOS and USA means and how you will enjoy using these "little helpers".

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New EAS 3


The electronic combustion control

The 3rd generation of electronic combustion controls EAS is now available with or without display. In addition, a practical adaptation of WLAN is planned. New EAS 3 can also be operated through a mobile phone app, thus enabling heating to be controlled within the radio range of the WLAN.

• In the well-known design with glass plate and integrated LCD display
• or only as control unit without display
• WLAN integrated with an app for both versions
• Free app for tablet, smartphone
• Graphical indication of the perfect time to refill
• Two digital inputs (e.g. feedback from window toggle switch)
• Downward compatible with EAS and EAS 2
• Compatible as replacement control up to the EOSR 4 stove control (installation 2007)

EAS with integrated WLAN

Wireless access via WLAN is integrated in both EAS 3 versions. In the variant with a display, the control can also be operated through an app. Access to the reduced version - as a pure control board with the electrical terminal points for sensors, air flap actuator, etc. - can only occur through WLAN and by app. Here, the control board can be installed out of sight, for example when retrofitting. Attention: Access by app is only possible locally in the reception area of the Internet access (router). Remote access is not provided for EAS 3. Remote access is useful when water-bearing wood firing systems are integrated into heating systems, e.g. in combination with BRUNNER BCH central heating systems. In such cases, EOS 8 is installed. Here, worldwide access via WLAN is provided through the mybrunner app.

For EAS 3 without display, the initial start-up, the configuration of the heating insert and additional functions is only possible by app. A button is installed on the control board that starts the connection to the existing Internet access. Feedback is provided through an LED status display. The functional principle is simple and proven: EAS 3 is factory set up as an access point. The app connects to the control unit for the first time, identifies the local WLAN and forwards the access data to the EAS 3. With this information, EAS 3 automatically switches to the local WLAN - the WLAN symbol is shown in the variant with display. Configuration and operation are now possible by app.

EAS on the smartphone
Only the current combustion is displayed as a temperature curve on tablets and smartphones. After the ember retention time has elapsed or when the door is opened - i.e. for refilling to take place - the temperature curve is deleted. A graphic combustion memory, as with EOS, is not provided for. The buttons and setting options on the display are also available on the app. The combustion counter, the operating hours, operating instructions and error displays are clearly listed on a second page. The heating insert can be set, the additional functions configured (e.g. damper flap, switching output A4, switching input) and the known parameter levels called up or adjusted by the craftsman, whose access is password-protected.

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